When a group of young families in the late 1980’s attended The Sadhu Vaswani satsangs, who could have foretold that from the parents that staged plays and dances based on mythological stories to be performed at Dada Vaswani’s birthday celebrations, that the birth of the Sindhi Cultural Association would emerge.

Having worked with children for these events and seeing the abundance of talent and the interest in our community, four enthusiastic, like minded and active Sindhis – Deepu Bharwani, Usha Kriplani, Mukesh Mani and Soni Shahani  recognized the need to do more events on a larger scale.

The four friends formed a Cultural Committee, who planned and came up with two cultural nights and two Diwali Balls in two consecutive years, which were very well received and attended. Little did these four individuals realize at the time that they would become the catharsis of something even greater for the Sindhis of Toronto.

Following these events, in 1990 some of the senior members of the community in conjunction with the Cultural Committee felt there was a need to formalize an organization.  An Ad Hoc (Provisional) Committee was formed and after numerous meetings, deliberations and discussions a General Body meeting was called and a proposal for the formation of Sindhi Association was put forth to the community.

Thus THE SINDHI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO came into being. This was followed by a formal election and the first board of The Sindhi Cultural Association of Toronto was formed.

The founding members are extremely proud and grateful that their small endeavors have grown by leaps and bounds and today services hundreds of member families.

THE SINDHI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO (S.C.A.T) is celebrating their 25th anniversary year and our wish it that it continues to flourish for us and for our future generations to come.