Jai Chandwani, President

Our Sindhi Cultural Association of Toronto, more popularly known as S.C.A.T was formed as a small organization to promote Sindhi Culture and Sindhiyat among the Sindhi Diaspora in the GTA and surrounding areas.

With your support and active participation, today the S.C.A.T membership has grown to well over 500 registered members.  This strength has given us exposure at the international level and as a result we were entrusted with hosting the world class INTERNATIONAL SINDHI SAMMELAN in Toronto, not once but twice in the past 25 years.

The 25 years of togetherness reflects our commitment to promote our own culture, language, traditions, festivals and so much more.  Through a strong alliance with the Sindhi GurMandir, S.C.A.T supports and participates in a number of joint events throughout the year.

It is rightly said that preserving and maintaining your culture starts with speaking your own language. Our humble request to you is to provide exposure of Sindhi Culture and Sindhiyat to your own children and youth by speaking to them in Sindhi, where able and by encouraging them to participate in our events to learn more about our culture.

Your present board continues with the work of Our Founding Members and Our Esteemed Predecessors as without their vision and foresight, not only in bringing Sindhi’s of the GTA and Canada together, but providing them a cohesive and enjoyable way to celebrate our history and our identity, we would not be standing here today.

Please continue to support your very own S.C.A.T and let us work together to take this association to new heights.  Without your participation and support, none of this would be possible. THANK YOU ALL.

Jai Jhulelal!!